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Oldak provides you a tele-orb. The mighty experience makes his method to RS gold the nearest fairy ring and dials up Yu'Biusk. After in Yu'Biusk the adventure makes his/her means into the sarcophagus, and trys to start it. This triggers a cut scean in which we view a ghostly form of Zanik reaching out and calling that your character's name, you reach out to Zanik, but your hand passes right through her and she mumbles something about ancient magick of the fairies before she vanishes.

The mighty adventure subsequently makes his method to Zanaris and talks to the Fairy Queen. Hello your majesty are you feeling well today? Yes, thanks to you adventurer what can I do to you? Well (you tell Zanik's story) and that is why I came to you. Interesting narrative adventurer but what can I do to help? Well I was wondering if you know of some ancient spells that could help? Hmmm...I think maybe there is. I vagely recall an old story my mom told me about a spell that could release anybody trapped.

That's great your majesty, can you remember exactly what these items are? Yes, here I want to write them down to you. I'll be back later. The adventurer assembles all the items (Snowdrops could be attained by picking some from the Garden of Tranquility you helped create for Queen Elamaria, and starflower in a simular way it was got in the fairy tale prt two quest). They then return to the Queen. I have gotten all the things you asked for your majesty

Queen: Great, I'll cast the charm. . .nothing interesting occurs. It didn't work! Hmmm, maybe I'm forgetting something. Why not discover the publication the story was writen in and deliver it back to me. Where could I find that? I am not sure, but it is possible to request the fairy godfather he can understand wehre you can find it, it was known as Fairy Tales.

The adventure finds the fairy god father in a magical jail. Not you , what do you want! I was wondering in the event that you could know where the publication Fairy Tales could be located? No clue, that novels been missing for decades. Oh dear I want it so I will free my friend from an evil attack. I seems to me you're always in some type of a pickle adventurer, and most of the time its because of your own stupidity. However, maybe talking to buy RuneScape gold a great librarian will assist you in your quest. What was that?


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