Pea Eggplant and Health Benefits

Pea eggplant is incredibly fruit that may widely benefit human health and life span

Pea eggplant is vegetable that once it may be called as wild vegetable because it grows itself in hillock, forest, nearby bright paddy field without growing, behind house, and other places. Many people have consumed pea eggplant and they make it different dishes according to family’s desire. It may be produced type of dishes to become not only delicious, but also healthy for human beings. For instance, it is made of Khmer vegetable soup namely Korko soup, and mixed it with Khmer Prarhok to become one delicious dish; Prarhok khtis. Beyond this, it has various medical values being been not presented in varieties of spinach as well. So, it may give us both food and medicinal properties in daily life of human beings on the planet.

Pea eggplant is also the most beneficial and magnificent plant among other vegetables for the human health. It is scientifically named as solanum trilobatum and has thorns and creepy to see. If we look at the fruits, we think of too small fruits, but it may interestingly contribute to health benefits for human beings. Besides, the leaves are used for cooking in general and every part of this plant may truly applied for different medicinal resolutions. For example, it may be anti-bacteria, anti-fungal, anti-microbial properties. So, it is a plant that has been overlooked in connection with human health.

Pea eggplant, as analysis in study of this plant per serving 100 grams, contains calories 40, fiber 2.3 grams, sugar 4.6 grams, calcium 334 milligrams, fat 0.7 gram, water content 84.7%, protein 3.9 grams, mineral salts 3.8 grams, iron 5.0 milligrams, and phosphorus 52 milligrams. Thus, it seems to have enough elements of mineral complex to be used as combating some diseases and building human health.                

Pea eggplant has been able to expand the life span of humans due to its potential compounds. It is identified in medicinal properties such as asthma and respiratory syndromes. For instance, it may be reliably the best medicine to get sooner relief from cough and cold. Note, the taste of purple fruits pea eggplant may be not truly good, but it relies on those who make it into food; it may become dish that brings us to be delicious according each dish and maneuver of chief. Thus, food being been delicious depends on type of dish and food preparer.

Pea eggplant’s leaves may be a source of energy that is booster and acts as a stimulant. It boosts males strong enough against the dangerous ailments. It may also promote the immune system of human body and the body tissues are fixed and activated as it is consumed into the digestive tract and then move in all body via vessels. So, it may be nicely potent for repairing tissues and immune system of human body; each of us may always face it when the season changes from one to another.

Pea eggplant may relieve cold and cough, that is, the congestions being brought about by cold may be relieved. As daily experience and practice, when we consume or get into body, the nose, chest and head congestions being caused by cold are minimized after consuming purple fruits pea eggplant. Note, cold is ailment that make it difficult to deal with it because generally occurs once again in the season. Instead, if we try to consume the eggplant as mixed with daily food, it may be neutralized for above relevant ailments. Please let try it in order to boost our health with less cash and be easy to find.

Pea eggplant may assist to enhance brain functions, nerve strength functions, promote digestive system function and after that remedy various ailments which are connected with digestive system. It may be booster to memory power because of the active nerve function. Obviously, spinach may provide us to be a good for skin and it truly becomes as likely as medicine to cure skin diseases. Thus, pea eggplant seems to deal with memory loss when we face serious diseases and others disturbing memory power and skin ailment's appearance.   

Pea eggplant, for example, purple fruit may be effective for all of the ailments linked in water air. Its leaves may minimize the heat and gas connected disorders. In dish method, salad provides us with the whole benefits of leaves and instead of taking it under various cooking processes. So, it may be produced not only in several dishes, but also prevented in various ailments.

Pea eggplant may boost blood and increase blood circulation across body. When the blood well circulate in the vessels, our body may be boosted and next increased for our health indeed. The sickness being linked with thickening may be protected from it when we consume it at least once in a week. So, it is a cheap food, easy to find in village and provides potential benefits for human health and body.

Pea eggplant, therefore, is a potent food that has been overlooked for human health quite long time. Finding delicious food for boosting health is not difficult, but we now seem to rely on chemical drugs rather than looking for what it is existed behind house, in village and in forest even though the forest just remains less. It is also not identified any side effect for food and traditional medicine as well. Please let turn to look for existed food and sometimes it is served as medicinal properties toward good health and life span in our daily and future live.

Chamroeun Keo

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