Luffa Gourd and Health Benefits

Luffa gourd interestingly provides several elements to support human health

Luffa gourd is categorized into vegetable being been the Cucurbitaceae’s family. It is cultivated frequently and contained within the plants that make it easy to grow across Asia and the United States with health benefits. It is a big group family such as sponge gourd, gourd dish-cloth, bath sponge, towel gourd, dishrag gourd, rag gourd, vegetable sponge, wash-rag sponge, smooth luffa and scrubber gourd.      

Luffa gourd plant flourishes in dry areas associated with tropic and subtropical climates, that is, the plant creepers like cucumbers with the green color, long and ridges on the skin. The flowers indicate yellow and small, and the plants may extent from 5 to 10 meters and sometimes longer than this away from the root. In general, the fruits are consumed as vegetables when they are still young, but they no longer become vegetable when they are old and older.            

Luffa fruits is generally dark green associated with length of 61 centimeters and diameter of 7.6 centimeters. Inside the fruits, the flesh is white, soft associated with white beans. Still, when it becomes old, the seeds become black, and coarse fibrous tissue as it is old. Note, the taste of luffa fruit is nearly zucchinis.    

Luffa or sponge gourd comprises a variety such as antioxidants, vitamins, nutrients lipids and minerals. Wat’s more, this fruit is rich in carbohydrates and vitamin A. Besides, it has vitamin B5, potassium, manganese, copper, fiber, vitamin B6, vitamin C, and magnesium. More significantly, it provides health benefits, for example, lower blood sugar, eliminating constipation, boosting immunity, losing weight, hypoglycemia, and removing toxins from body.       

Luffa gourd may contribute to protect eye from various ailments. For instance, macular degeneration is an eye issue that might induce to blindness, but content of vitamin A within luffa or towel gourd might typically protect eye from eye issue; particularly blindness. National Eye Institute asserted via its study that those who consumed vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C, copper and zinc might reduce the risk of macular degeneration by 25% for six years. Note, it is truly amazing source of vitamin A being been excellent for the class of vegetables.  

Luffa gourd may be beneficial for the heart. Due to rich content of vitamin A in luffa gourd, it may support heart indeed. Accordingly, if we consume 900 milligrams of vitamin A, it may decrease bad cholesterol and triglycerides being reduced the heart ailment risk. Still, amount of doses with 900 milligrams is too much and so if we want to try, please let ask the doctor in advance.   

Luffa gourd may prevent diabetes. In luffa gourd, there is manganese that is a significant factor. It is producing digestive enzymes that may be helpful for the process of gluconeogenesis. Note, manganese may promote insulin secretion and improve mitochondrial function according to research base studied.    

Luffa gourd may prevent muscle pain. With potassium content in luffa, it may induce to stabilize fluid and lessen the muscles. Note, the potassium deficiency may lead to muscle cramps, pain and spasms.

Luffa gourd may decrease arthritis of human body. Within copper content existed in luffa, it may helpfully provide anti-inflammatory to soothe stiffness and pain with arthritis. Note, several persons may suffer from arthritis and so they try to apply copper bracelets due to copper bracelets may relieve pain.   

Luffa gourd may treat anemia. It has a source of vitamin B6. Accordingly, the vitamin B6 is responsible to produce hemoglobin in blood being served as carrying oxygen to all the cells and moving iron. Note, anemia is medical condition that happens because it is lack of red blood cells. By and large, the symptoms felt pain by patients become aches and pain. Thus, utilizing vitamin B6 within apt dose may decrease the symptoms of anemia and prevent anemia.      

Luffa gourd may boost healthy skin. Due to vitamin C in the luffa gourd, it really provides an adequate quantity to be beneficial for skin health. What’s more, vitamin C may decrease dry skin, wrinkles, and prevent aging. Besides, vitamin C acts as a major role to produce protein in order to create muscle, skin, blood vessels and ligaments. Lastly, it also benefits to help the curative of wounds rapidly. 

Luffa gourd may overcome migraine. It may address some headaches and associated with migraines. Because of magnesium, it may be helpfully eliminated for migraine being balanced neurotransmitters in the body. Note, around 300 milligrams of magnesium may decrease migraine headaches based on research issued in expert review of neuro-therapeutics. 

Luffa gourd may maintain brain health. It may bring oxygen to work correctly according to the brain’s requirement. Note, oxygen might not be given to the brain as the iron needs is not met. So, the iron deficiency induces not only anemia, but also origins for restless, irritable and inattentive.     

Luffa gourd may reduce type 2 diabetes. It has lots of magnesium that are necessary for glucose metabolism. So, when consuming 100 milligrams of magnesium daily, it may contribute to reduce type 2 diabetes. So, magnesium in luffa gourd may be a key role in managing and controlling type 2 diabetes as well.

Luffa gourd may be made of several dishes. For instance, we may make a soup, spicy cuisine, and with a variety of other dishes. As stated before, we just only young fruit and soft and so it may taste sweet and fresh and crunchy texture, and not loud. We may also eat luffa by frying, or making the sauce and/or steam young luffa and then mix it with Khmer Tekreung to eat; it is truly delicious and healthy for elderly in particular.   

Luffa gourd, even though it provides much more beneficial for health, pregnant and nursing women should eat at any limit of it in order to avoid small side effects being unpredictable. It is likely to get some a little bit side effects, but it does not have any serious side effects for human. In short, luffa gourd may be a beneficial for human health according to its nature and its cheap price that may find any place and anywhere in country side and in city.


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