Bitter Gourd and Health Benefits

Bitter gourd is incredibly benefitted for the human health to counter many aliments

Bitter gourd really plays a vital role as fruit and vegetable for human food. It has various vitamins and minerals to support human body when we often consume it. It is also classified into vegetable that provides important role for protective food and highly useful to maintain health and ailment’s protection. In short, it has been seen as green vegetable that seems to be bitter tasty, but it may give us so helpful health for human beings both male and female.     

Bitter gourd, as profile, has a bitter and sharp pungent taste. It shows us with so ugly appearance, for example, ugly-looking gourd-bumps all over it. Its appearance is not attractive for us to see, but it has a complete package of health benefits. It grows on vine-tendril including flowering plant and it becomes yellow-green color when it gets fully ripe. Its leaves contain 1.5 inches broad and round with deep serrated corners and divided into 5-7 sections.       

Bitter gourd produces flower that are yellow and shiny. This fruit forms triangular oval in shape associated with triangular eruptions that create them as rough surface. In general, when it gets ripe, it become red-yellow and sometimes only yellow. It consists of various nutrients such as vitamins and minerals that details as following: dietary fibers, vitamin A, B-complex, B1, B2, B3, C, K, calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, zinc, copper, and folate.

Bitter gourd serves many purpose in food and also multiple methods. It may be slightly sliced and fried it with egg, made as soup mixed with mice pork and created as other dishes as possible as we can. Besides this, its leaves are recognized as popular Khmer soup i.e. mixed vegetable soups or Korko soup. It may be made of juice, bitter gourd juice, to detoxify some toxins in human body. Currently, based on new method, it becomes herbal tea that is popularly among old age to counter fever in body.

Bitter gourd, being been reliable health benefits, may provide very several benefits to be against ailments as below:

Bitter gourd may contribute to be a good for headache. It is so easy to mitigate headache, for example, take 10-12 milliliters juice of bitter gourd leaves to mix with olive oil or sesame oil or coconut oil and then apply the paste on the forehead after that. It takes few minutes on it and our headache may be recovered. The treatment should be applied for several times so that headache is really gone onward.

Bitter gourd may cure eye disorders. It may provide so beneficial in such case of night blindness and haziness. In treating method, we take rusting iron container and rub the juice of its leaves and mixed with black pepper in it and then gather solution and apply it as eyeliner in that ways. We may also apply it around the eyes and it truly cures various types of eye disorders as well.

Bitter gourd, in traditional herbal treatment, may be useful to control case of vomiting. We extract the juice of leaves and next we mix 10-12 grams of juice with little amount of vinegar including rock salt. These substances may be treated vomiting and purgation connected disorders. The treatment may be applied for several times until it stops vomiting after that.

Bitter gourd may improve galactagogic. First, we boil 20 grams of its leaves. Second, we strain the solution and provide it to the lactating woman. Third, it may increase the production of mother’s milk and also purify the blood. This method should be often applied for several times in order to make sure that galactagogic may increase for feeding baby.    

Bitter gourd may counter arthritis. In regular use, we should give someone who gets arthritis with 10-15 milliliters of bitter gourd juice and if we want to improve effective treatments, we should mustard seeds mixed with salt in it. This may bring more effective for patient and it may be recovered soon. So, it truly provides us to be beneficial in curing arthritis indeed.

Bitter gourd may contribute to cut off and/or reduce diabetes in body of patient. If someone who gets diabetes, s/he should try to regularly juice of bitter gourd from 10 to 12 grams. More particular, we should keep the bitter gourd into the diet of a diabetic patient, that is, the bitter gourd should be cooked and created as diet of the diabetic patient. Note, it is very helpful and helps activate the pancreatic cells and improves the production of insulin.

Bitter gourd may control and eradicate jaundice of skin and eyes (i.e. a yellowish or greenish pigmentation of the skin and whites of the eyes due to high bilirubin levels). We take 10-15 milliliters of bitter juice’s leaves and then mix it with powdered black myrobalan. We should regularly drink it until the jaundice become more recovered. Thus, it is nicely beneficial in relation with jaundice aliment.

Bitter gourd may be helpful for pediatric nausea. It may detoxify womb or stomach of the children during his or her nausea. We take 6 grams of bitter gourd’s leaves and mix it with turmeric. As result, the nausea may be eliminated and cleansed in stomach as well. Thus, we should try it when our children meet with the nausea because it is cheap and easy to find in home and market.

Bitter gourd may drop the worms from intestine. First of all, we extract the juice 10-12 milliliters of bitter gourd and give it to the patient after that. The patient should be daily given once a day and use until we make sure that the worms are removed from the intestine. So, please let try it with the cheaper fruit and it may be easy to find anywhere in home and market throughout Cambodia.

Bitter gourd may treat skin ailments. We have to take the whole fruit, cinnamon, black pepper and oil of wild almonds and then grind all these into one before applying on the affected area. This mixed substance may bring to cure itching, for example, connected skin disorders. Besides, the paste of its root may be useful to cure small boils, acne and eruptions. Using should be verified the disorders until we make sure that we are recovered from all of disorders. So, please let try to use this helpful fruit rather than turn to use costly drug.

Bitter gourd may contribute to cure pediatric pneumonia. First, we extract the bitter gourd’s juice and then make it slightly warm before drinking. We should give 10-12 milliliters of the juice associated with little amount of pure saffron. The dosage should be given to child patient with three times a day. We should verify this ailment until it is recovered after that.

Bitter gourd may treat fever because of cold. In the case of seasonal fever or fever because of cold, we take 10-15 milliliters of bitter gourd juice associated with a little amount of cumin powder in it. In general, the patient should be given with three times or thrice a day. Curing of bitter gourd’s juice should be notified that it is recovered after that.

Bitter gourd, hence, is truly nice and awesome for health benefits. It is bitterness and so most of us seem to hesitate to eat it. Still, keeping bitter gourd in the diet may improve overall healths much more than we may not say yet. It is identified not so side effect and so eating healthy is living healthy. Indeed, the diet with healthy benefits may support us to live in peace, happiness and prosperity.                                

Chamroeun Keo

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