Guava and Healthy Benefits

Guava is truly nice to contribute to healthy human beings indeed

Guava fruit is truly good fruit in the oldest forms of food realized to man. Reference may be relied on ancient literature. It is a fruit, for example, grates, dates, olive and pomegranate have been the gifts and heavenly fruits of God according to Quran. Many people within prehistoric time reflected this fruit to be donated with magic or divine properties.

Guava comprises significant quantities of vital nutrients based on a rational proportion. Persons who manage to survive on this natural diet may frequently enjoy a good health. Note, fresh and dry fruit are serving not only a good food, but also a good medicine. Accordingly, it may be truly correlated to concerning fruit named as “Guava”.         

Guava usually is a common fruit. It may be consisted of two varieties of guava fruit i.e. red and white fleshy tissue. It may give us to be taste such as sour, sweet and insipid. Now, it is cultivated in both wild and cultivated form. The tree has its height something around 15-25 feet tall and its leaves contain 2-6-inch-tall that is sited on small branches. Note, its leaves are settled in opposite or sequential manner.          

Guava truly bears whitish-colored flower that contain feather type laces on it before receiving grown to be as fruit. When it is unripening fruit, it has taste sour and bitter; after getting fully enough ripen it becomes pulpy and a sweet smell is aroma. It contains in rich nutritious elements such as proteins, dietary fibers, sugars, lycopene, vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, C and K, beta-carotene, calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, zinc, potassium, phosphorus and etc. Note, it is recognized as one of the highly nutritious fruit and enriched something of nutritious molecules.  

Guava, since 1950s, its leave had been used as potential medicine to treat several ailments i.e. diabetes, cholesterol, and heart issues. Its ripe and semi-ripe fruit is easily to use in raw form to eat while in some cases the patients were advised to provide it in the boiled form. It may be prepared in the juice form and squash with red pulp. Its seed may be extracted to be as guava oil. It may be prepared to be as jam, jellies and other forms because of its high pectin content. So, guava provides so benefits not only a good food, but also a good natural medicine.             

Guava truly provides benefits of a good natural medicine. It is simple fruit to find and contains hidden numerous healing properties. We may have some key points of this fruit heal patient with guava, for example:

Guava may deal with headache. We take an unripe guava before sunrise, next rub it on a stone to get a fine paste, after that we apply this paste on forehead that aches. The panacea should be used for 3-4 times a day. Note, it may usefully contribute to cure severe headaches contrasting migraines.Guava may control phlegm or cold problem. It is named as a cold-natured fruit that may be helpful to treat phlegm or cold. It should be taken with one big guava and removed its seed and next give it to the patient to eat and after that we provide a glass of fresh water to drink quickly. In following few days, the phlegm may be unblocked and flow to clear nose indeed. Lastly, we have to give jaggery with no water at night. Note, hot-natured and high potency of jaggery may cure nose flow within no time.               

Guava may protect arthritis via direct use to painful area on the human body. We make paste of fresh guava leaves and then apply on the painful area after that. It may help to relieve the pain to some great levels. In short, we apply once and again and it may truly reduce the painful area.

Guava may reduce malarial fever. We have to grind soft leaves with water and next strain solution. In twice a day, we should have to patient and it may be used for few days until reducing the fever. The fever may be dropped itself in following day.  

Guava may control indigestions. We have to take 10 grams of soft tender leaves and then mix sugar to it. Appropriate time is to give the patient once in morning. Usually, it may give relief in few days or a week. Please try to do it when someone faces such indigestions.   

Guava may prevent seizures and convulsions. These ailments are frequently occurred in neurological diseases i.e. epilepsy. It has been seen that guava gives truly a miracle of nature, for example, symptoms may be treated using guava itself. We have to prepare a tincture of guava leaves and massage the backbone using this. It is noticed that convulsions may be minimized by its frequent use. Please let try it if someone used to meet with this matter.     

Guava may boost cardiac weakness. For some cases of any kind of heart issue, we should use the guava as remedy. For instance, take 3-4 guava fruits and remove all seeds and chop it into fine pieces. We have to add sugar to it and cook in an average frame and so it creates a sauce kind of paste. We have to take it twice a day. It may improve and make stronger heart and cure constipation indeed.    

Guava may cure toothache. We have to chew 3-4 guava leaves a day and it may cure toothache obviously. Next, boil 3-4 guava leaves and put potassium permanganate to it. Finally, we have to strain the liquid and use it for gargle. In short, it may relieve toothache indeed.  

Guava may control constipation. In breakfast, we have to give guava with black pepper, black salt and ginger to patient. We should have to eat at least 2 average sized semi-ripe guava in a day. Usually, it may be beneficial to treat colitis, diarrhea, acidity and swelling in stomach. Please let try the guava to deal with this matter.    

Guava may face some side effect even it gives us several benefits. To use guava both fruit and leaves should be careful and follow rightly formula. For instance, eating unripen guava fruit too much over requirement may face problem of abdominal pain. Seeds of the guava fruit may face an appendix of intestinal tail being caused appendicitis if one or more seeds are dropped into there. Indeed, guava may give benefits and non-benefits if it is not properly applied.

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