Black Pepper and Health Benefits

Black pepper is truly used for both foods and traditional medicines indeed

Black pepper plants in tropic Asian countries and in India. It is so popular brand name in Kampot province and it has own brand name as Kampot black pepper in Cambodia. It is truly special spicy food in one of the commonly used spices in the world. It has two species: black and white pepper come from the same plant species. While black pepper is used to cook in dried and unripe fruit, white pepper is used to cook in drying the ripe seeds. So, it is accordingly different use by chief and cook in each family.     

Black pepper is used as a food, but it has something as potential for being treated such as arthritis, asthma, upset stomach, bronchitis, a bacterial infection that causes diarrhea (cholera), colic, depression, diarrhea, gas, headache, sex drive, menstrual pain, stuffy nose, sinus infection, dizziness, discolored skin (vitiligo), weight loss, and cancer. Note, it is taken by mouth in relevant treatment and traditional use.

Black pepper may be applied to the skin, measles, nerve pain, itchy skin brought about by mites’ scabies and to panacea pain. Pepper oil may be contributed to prevent falls, to help quit smoking and to minimize relevant distress swallowing. Both black pepper and black pepper oil are usefully used as spice for foods and traditional medicine. As noted, black pepper has a chemical namely piperine and this chemical is likely to get several effects in the body. Certainly, it may reduce pain, improve breathing and decease inflammation. Moreover, it also has to improve brain function, but it is still not clear how it does.

Black pepper is likely safe when it is taken by mouth in volume usually found in foods. It may be also possibly safe when applied by mouth and used appropriately as medicine and when applied to skin. Note, black pepper oil truly does not bring about side effects, but it may get a burning aftertaste. It may be careful to take a big amounts of black pepper by mouth and then it may be accidentally get into the lungs; it has been described to cause death. This matter may be occurred in children particularly.               

Black pepper is likely safe for pregnancy when she uses it via mouth in amounts commonly identified in foods, but it is not likely safe when she applies it by mouth in huge amounts in period of pregnancy onward. It may be caused to an abortion for those who are not precaution with amounts used. Besides, there is not sufficient reliable evidence available to realize whether using black pepper to the skin in safe while pregnancy.  As for breast-feeding, black pepper is likely safe when she applies it via mouth in amounts commonly identified in foods. However, it is not full enough and/or reliable evidence available to realize whether black pepper as medicine safe when breast feeding. So, it may be needed to monitor and follow more information before being used it.        

Black pepper may be safe for children so long as they take it by mouth in amounts commonly identified in foods. However, it may reach death when they take it by mouth in large amounts as reported. In separation, it may be not enough reliable evidence available to realize whether using black pepper oil to the skin is safe for children. Black pepper contains piperine that is chemical substance being been slow blood clotting. In proof, it may increase risk of bleeding in people by bleeding syndromes when using black pepper in amounts bigger than ever those in foods.     

Black pepper may affect sugar levels according to some theories respectively. When using black pepper in amounts more than those in foods, it may bar and/or control blood sugar with diabetic people. Note, dosing adjustments for diabetic medicines may be necessitated. As for surgery, black pepper, chemical piperine, may slow blood clotting and affect blood sugar levels. In evidence, using black pepper in amounts panacea more than those identified in food may induce to bleed problems or affect blood sugar level in period of surgery. So, we should refrain from using black pepper in amounts of much more than those in foods at least few weeks before surgery.

How to use black pepper

Black pepper may be mostly used in foods, but it may be applied as medicine when we regularly apply it by mouth in proper amounts and right formula and in right track of time frame. For example, we use from 1 to up to 4 grams of black pepper powder in a day to mix with one glass of warm water, that may control common cold and flu, headache, asthma, upset stomach, dizziness etc. Note morning is a good time to use it for treatment and if possible, you may apply it two times; morning and after lunch time. So, using should be few weeks according each condition of ailments.

For arthritis, it may take time for several weeks and mix with turmeric and fresh milk. We may use one gram of black pepper and two grams of turmeric and 250 grams of fresh milk for every morning. First of all, we boil water and pour it about 50 milliliters into black pepper and turmeric powder and it may be possible to add sesame oil or olive oil for one spoon. Second, we have to stir all of these substances into one element and keep them into a little bit warm. Third, we have to pour fresh milk into the mixed black pepper and turmeric paste and then stir them again till become one substance. Finally, we have to drink the mixed substances before breakfast, but if someone faces problem with stomach disorder, s/he should drink them after breakfast.

There are still several diseases that may be treated and/or controlled by black pepper. Ladies and gentlemen may try and practice it according to your own experience with it in daily live. Some may get well from the black pepper, but some may not get from it. Using black pepper should have to make effort, properly use and highly committed indeed. In my experience, I have applied the black pepper mixed with turmeric and sesame oil or olive oil for more than one year in every morning and the result gets better for my long time of the arthritis. If ladies and gentlemen need further information, you may contact me by phone 012 867 438 or email: You may freely consult me and I am glad and trying to do my best as possible as I can.

Chamroeun Keo

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