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EA Sports fans need more.The company reported it'd 230 million gamers and FIFA Mobile Coins audiences across its EA Sports titles from the last calendar year. Viewership is increasingly important, since the curiosity in esports competitions is generating more exposure for its EA Sports brand. For instance, that the 2021 Pro Bowl went virtual this year with NFL celebrities rival in EA's Madden NFL 21. The pandemic hastened the expansion that was happening at EA Sports. FIFA Ultimate Team establish a record with six million daily active players in December, also Madden reached its greatest player count in the history of the franchise, which goes into the early 1990s.

Even less popular sports games like EA's NHL franchise saw increase last quarter with involvement from the game up 13%. "Our fans are now still telling us that they want more of that which EA Sports can provide," Wilson explained. "They're playing our matches than ever before. They are spending more time together with our articles. And they're connecting with one another, the players, and teams and sports they love through our experiences. "To capitalize on the growing interest in sport gambling, EA is planning an aggressive expansion using its EA Sports lineup starting with its biggest and most popular game, FIFA.

Launch new sports games.Soccer is the world's most popular game, and there's no greater way to capitalize on that interest than simply just by releasing more adventures on the biggest and fastest-growing gaming platforms, which are mobile devices. EA has experienced great success with FIFA Mobile at Asia where the game has 21 million gamers. But there is much more to come.

It only recently announced a brand new license extension together with the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA), that's the governing body of European soccer. As part of this agreement, EA will establish several cellular offerings within the FIFA franchise, including a free-to-play PC variation.

The business believes that these games can hit 80 million players in over 15 nations. Glu Mobile can help grow EA Sports franchises on cellular, provided the success Glu Sports has experienced its Tap Sports Baseball franchise. And EA believes Codemasters, which owns top racing games like F1, DiRT, and Project Cars, will enable EA Sports to Buy FIFA Coins innovate and expand its international market for racing amusement.


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